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China Tibet on World Map

Where is Tibet on the world map? From this world map, you can see that now Tibet is a part of China.

China Tibet on World Map
World Map Showing Tibet

China and Tibet on the Map
China and Tibet on the Map

ที่นี่แหละ ที่พักของเราใน Lhasa คะ

Lhasa, Tibet

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Tours to Tibet

A trip to Tibet left one of the most vivid impressions among dozens of other trips in not less interesting regions. I remember the night when I almost died. I remember the sun, sky, desert landscapes, yaks, rare nomads passes and monasteries. Bread and cheese and elation expectations. Who has not been there just need to go in Tibet, though, because soon it will flood the Chinese. There will be asphalt, plastic and electricity, long-distance 60-seater buses and soluble noodles, and the 0.5 billion Chinese people are on vacation. It has already come. "This" Tibet increasingly difficult to find.
There really well in Tibet.
Well, as a recommendation - do not skimp on tour in Tibet. It is not necessary buses and Chinese guides. Do not need cheap hotels. Well, why spoil your century trip?
Need: to go alone, take a good jeep, guide-Tibetan, ordered the best hotels (everywhere except Lhasa the best - it's about 3-4 *, in the Tibetan style, with en-suite and normal clothes. In Sake hotel called "Sakya" in Gyangtse - "Gyangtse" and in Xegar, as one might expect - "Xegar", well, Zhangmu, certainly - "Zhangmu." in Lhasa, more choice, the Old about hotels can be found on the Internet at specialized sites). Then the head will not be preoccupied with thoughts about life (are there bugs or no, why it shakes, I want to stay and make photo - and the bus goes on), and you can fully enjoy life and Tibet. If in Lhasa to restrict placement in a 4 * hotel (hotel "Lhasa", for example, in a Tibetan-style), and in other places to order the maximum, then the difference the money between "go cheap" and "almost better" is not greater than $ 500. It is not necessary to save them.
Everyone is welcome to Tibet.

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