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1. Lhasa, "the capital of Tibet"

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Tsangpo River
Hotel in Lhasa
Jokhang Temple in Lhasa
Tibetan quarter
Lhasa: a bird's eye view
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The streets of Lhasa >>
Tibetan pilgrims >>
Drepung Monastery >>
The Potala Palace (2) >>
Convent >>
Tibetan yak >>
Tibetan Plateau >>

Some souvenirs that I brought from Tibet:

Ammonite from Sakya - souvenir from Tibet
Ammonite from Sakya

Rkang-gling. This is such a pipe
Rkang-gling. This is such a pipe

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My tour from Lhasa to Nepal border
12 days in Tibet. Itinerary: arrival from Kathmandu to Lhasa, 5 days in Lhasa to visit the most famous sights and acclimate, then transfer by jeep in Gyangtse, Shigatse, then Sakyu - here I liked the best, and then Xegar (New Tingri), moving through the Himalayan range and overnight in Zhangmu - town beside the Nepal border. Very interesting, very authentic, beautiful and remembered for a lifetime. I made a lot of pictures. That's Tibet five years ago.

Lhasa airport

Arrived in Lhasa airport (about 90 km from Lhasa), the formalities - discharged from the airport on the lists, check - whether permission to visit Tibet. We go to Lhasa. The road runs along the Tsangpo River bank. The weather a bit gloomy - it is the end of August, all just dries up after monsoon.
Tsangpo River near Lhasa, Tibet
The Tsangpo River near Lhasa, Tibet. Author photo


Here's my room in Dhoodgu hotel - it is 2-3* hotel in national style. The room called "Tibetan Suite". It is such a beautiful one. This is only the left half of the room. The right half has a chair, table, chests, tricuspid wardrobe, coffee-tea set and a bathroom with toilet. The hotel is very correct, immediately adjusts to the Tibetan way.
The Suite Room in the Dhudgu hotel, Lhasa, Tibet
The Suite Room in the Dhudgu hotel, Lhasa. Photo by the author

The hotel is located in the center of the Tibetan quarter of Lhasa. Coming out of the hotel, you immediately found the main square with the Jokhang Temple. This temple is a shrine for Tibetans. Hundreds of pilgrims constantly go around the temple and do prostrations (crawl on his belly and hands in a certain way).

Tibet. Jokhang Temple - the most revered temple in Lhasa
Jokhang Temple - the most revered temple in Lhasa, where are crowds of pilgrims. Author photo

Lhasa today - it's two large district. One became a typical Chinese city - with avenues, sidewalks, markets, consumer goods, and office buildings. The second area - "Tibetan Quarter" - is no Chinese Tibet, Tibet is almost true - with painted stone houses, narrow streets, people are dressed in the national dress. During the quarter immediately are Tibetan mountains, without settlements.

The "Tibetan Quarter" of Lhasa
"Tibetan Quarter" of Lhasa       Author photo

View of Lhasa from the Potala Palace, which dominates the town. This is a view of the Chinese part of Lhasa.
Столица Тибета - Лхаса - с высоты птичьего полета
Lhasa with a bird's eye view .      Author photo

Tibet is the very high place. You know, the highest mountains - the Himalayas - located near Tibet.

Photos of the track and feats in the Himalaya mountains you can see here:
The Vacation in Himalayas

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